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Welcome to Norden Seeds!

  A short introduction of who we are and the philosophy behind what we do…

We are a group of Swedish cannabis seeds growers that have left Sweden to accomplish our dream. The project of Norden Seeds started 2004 and our main interests have been to develop auto flowering seeds and the cultivation of plants that can handle tough and cold climates.

Since then we have deepened our knowledge on the field and can now offer strains that can survive most of the toughest climates!

We have been selling our seeds for a couple of years now and test the germination of the seeds on a regular basis - we are therefore sure about the quality of the genetics we offer!

Our goal is to be able to offer high quality seeds to an affordable price!

Our clients support is in English, Swedish and Spanish.

Now we have a special offer 30% discount on all orders over 50 euro with discount code: special

Photo contest!

Right now we have a photo contest, send us your best pictures from your 2014 indor grow of our strains end win free seeds! We assaign 5 winers, the first place wtill win 50ps Seeds, second end therd place wins 20ps seeds , ford end fift place fins 10 seeds of any Norden Seeds strains you wish!

Send in your pictures to: info@nordenseeds.com

The contest runs until 30 November end we will select the winers 1 of December.