Your terms and conditions of use


To order from  Norden Seeds you have to agree to our terms. The confirmation of your agreement to our terms is made at the end of every purchase.

  To order from Norden seeds, you must be 18 years or older. No exceptions are made for this!

  All information on our website is available only for research purposes, Norden Seeds does not in any way take any responsibility for what is done with the seeds after beeing sold to customers.

  The customer is only allowed to order seeds to a country where the purchase and possession of Cannasbis seeds are legal. The responsibility for this lies on the customer.

  The customer can only make a purchase from us after making an agreement not use them against the laws of  the relevant country. As a conclusion we certainly do not encourage our customers to use our seeds against the law in any country involved.

  The agreement made at the end of the purchase is a confirmation of that.